Panel Shutters

Clear Hurricane Panels

Clear Panels are made from 100% Proprietary Polycarbonate Resins and are 40% stronger than most other clear panels in Allowable Design Pressure. Clear Panels have outstanding clarity, allowing the home or business owner to have maximum protection without having to black out the living or working space. Clear Panels are 30% lighter than most other panels and are 50% lighter than aluminum panels.

Unlike the aluminum panel, our Clear Panels are available in 16″, 24″, 32″ and 48″ widths and 12′ lengths. With these widths, the home or business owner saves money and limits the number of panels needed to cover and protect their openings.

  • Invisible Hurricane Protection
  • Flat Panel
  • Can Be Left Up All Season
  • No Distorted Corrugated View
  • Ultra Lightweight, Outstanding Clarity
  • Inside Mount & Buildout Available
  • UV Protection with Optional Solar Shield
  • Inside or Outside Installation

clear hurrcaine panels

ClearTek Corrugated Panels

We offer ClearTek Corrugated Panels, which are some of the strongest clear panels that are available on the market today. The panels are thicker and deeper, which ensures a longer lifespan and more durability. These panels will not break or chip, and at 135 inches long, they are the longest panels available on the market today. The chatter-free aluminum construction provides a durable solution, while eliminating the noise caused by storms with high wind velocity. These panels also include the Patented LockDown Panel Locks to add an extremely high level of security to your home.

ClearTek Flat Panels
Invisible Hurricane Protection

The ClearTek Flat Panel can be left up all season or even all year. Our new patented panel can be permanently installed with optional solar shield and air gap seal. This makes the ClearTek panel the most energy efficient and heat rejecting hurricane panel.

High Definition Clarity
  • Clear as glass
  • No Distorted Corrugated View
  • Outstanding HD Clarity
  • Optional Ultra Solar Shield
Patented Impact Absorbing Bracket & Cover
  • Exclusive Stretch Bracket
  • Two Side Attachment
  • Inside Mount & Buildout Available
  • Inside Or Outside Installation


corrugated clear panel