Retractable Dual Screen System

Our exclusive Dual Screen System is the only retractable product to offer both a hurricane shutter and an insect screen (or shade screen) in a single unit. Our expertise in making beautiful and reliable retractable screens is brought to bear in this two-in-one solution. This system is available with either fabric or aluminum hurricane-rated roll-shutter and either a shade or insect screen. Please see sections on hurricane, insect or shade screens for specific details on each screen type. Also available are non-impact rated weather screens in clear vinyl, mesh or solid fabrics combined with insect screens.

dual screens

Standard Configurations

Fabric Hurricane Shutter + insect or shade
Aluminum Hurricane Shutter + insect or shade
Clear vinyl, mesh, or solid fabric weather screen + insect or shade

The screens within this all-in-one system are individually controlled and can be deployed or retracted at the touch of a button. Easy to install, easy to use, and easy to look at, the dual screen system can fit neatly within your stylistic vision while quietly providing specialized year-round weather and insect protection.

Retractable Hurricane Screens

We realize that living in paradise comes with the threat of hurricanes. However, protecting your home can be accomplished easily and beautifully. Imagine having your hurricane shutters deployed at the touch of a button, your home buttoned-up and secure for a coming storm. Designed especially for patios, Retractable Hurricane Screens combine superior hurricane protection with aesthetic appeal—beautifully finished, durable, and exceptionally strong. Our tracks can be retrofitted for installation on existing structures or built in to be concealed in new construction. Every detail has been engineered to bring you protection from the elements and allow you to rest assured that you and your home are protected.

hurricane screen

Retractable Shade Screens

We understand how intense the sun can be. That's why Fenetex Shade Screens block the sun's glare and harmful rays before they come into your home, thus reducing your energy costs and protecting furnishings, they are excellent for daytime privacy without blocking the view. To make sure you get the most out of your screens, we designed a shade screen that you can use every day and on any day. In fact, Fenetex offers the only wind rated retractable shade screen in the world. Here's why- the design of Fenetex shade screens is based on our experience manufacturing retractable hurricane shutters (we build them for 200MPH winds). Our screens incorporate features and capabilities not available in any competing product. The result is a higher class of exterior shade screens, beautifully finished, durable, and exceptionally strong. Every detail has been engineered to bring you protection from the elements that let enjoy your space on your terms.

Retractable Shade Screens